When Night Didn't Come


by Poly Bernatene.

The sun has set and the town and its people wait for the moon and stars to come out. But where are they?  What has happened to the night? Step backstage behind the universe to see what really makes our world turn! This glorious picture book  with its  lustrous, rich and detailed illustrations has no words. You are free to make up your own story or just to revel in the delights to be found on every page. This is a sophisticated book, with a  touch of theatricality, and therefore it has great appeal across the age range. Could easily be used at KS3. It's a wonderful book for instigating imaginative discussion, storytelling and encouraging creative writing.  And it has potential for cross-curricular use - an unusual and stimulating prop for art or even science and technology. And for those children daunted by text - well, it's a 'proper' book that could help lead them to enjoying books with words.

Formats available

Picture Book


Fiction | cross curricular | suitable for SEN/reluctant readers but not specifically designed for them