Wonder Goal


by Michael Foreman
This beguiling picture book has appeal across the age range as it is imbued with a complete love for ‘the beautiful game’! Anyone who has ever dreamed of being a world-class footballer will identify with the boy in this story who dreams of scoring the ‘wonder goal’ in the World Cup. But is it only a dream? There’s a magical, ethereal feel to this story that moves from a young boy’s Sunday afternoon game to the world stage. Big bold print and water-colour style illustrations bring the story vividly to life. The really special part of this book is the reproduction from Michael Foreman’s own notebook of sketches he had made of football being played in different situations from war zones to city parks in countries all around the world showing that football really can be a unifying force for good. (See also Wonder Goal Living Paintings).

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Picture Book


Dreams & Aspirations theme | Football Theme | Fiction | suitable for SEN/reluctant readers but not specifically designed for them