WriteOnLine is an excellent piece of software. It is very easy to use and can be installed directly on to your computer using the CD or as an online version. Once activated WriteOnline appears as a blank document with an additional toolbar which includes a word predictor and speech facility. As they write, students can click on the 'speech' facility to hear individual words, sentences or whole text. At least, this way, they can be sure that what they've written makes sense! There's also an onscreen 'WorkSpace' for students to make notes and map out their ideas. In addition, there is a 'Wordbar' which allows you to create writing frames and a vocabulary bank. There is also a a range of cross-curricular resources grouped according to subject including Citizenship, Geography, History, Design and Technology, Science as well as Literacy and Literature which can be downloaded for free from the LearningGrids World website and which can be accessed direct from WriteOnline. In the 'Literacy' resource for instance there are files for Book Study, Descriptive Writing, Grammar, Story Writing, Punctuation each containing a range of helpful, practical writing aids - templates, related vocabulary, a thesaurus, introductory sentences and prompts. In the 'Literature' file, works by Shakespeare and Dickens contain names of the main characters, descriptive words relating to those characters, and a range of other related vocabulary and prompts. This is a great piece of software which could really offer support and encouragement to students, giving them a helping hand whilst still leaving them room for their own input and creativity. Comes with a very clear and simple to understand 'quick guide' and a more detailed instruction manual.


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