Writing Guides


3 sets of teachers’ books with accompanying CD roms designed to encourage and support children’s own writing and to help them understand different genres. There’s a set of 8 books for use with 5-7 years olds; 8 books for 7 – 9 year olds; and 9 books for use with 9 – 11 year olds. The teachers’ books are clear and well-presented with funky covers, giving them instant appeal. Each set covers a range of writing genres eg fairy stories; recounts; funny stories; scary stories; explanation texts; news; poetry etc. Although the Guides use photocopiable extracts, the majority of the extracts are taken from well-known works by popular authors so they can be used alongside ‘whole books’. They follow a structured approach to developing writing with activities such as ‘good examples’ of the genre; developing writing where children use the key features of the genre; activities to enable children to produce their own writing and a review section. The accompanying CD Roms are very easy to use and provide additional material eg text extracts and interactive versions of the copiable pages and an innovative image bank to provide context for further writing as well as an audio file.

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